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Our ezVOLTz Solution

ezVOLTz™ offers the most comprehensive EV management and monetization solution that enables Consumer Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and EV Enterprise Fleet Operators to maximize their EV Infrastructure Investments.  Our cloud-based EV Charging as a Service (EVCaaS) offering works with all standards-compliant EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) to manage and monetize EV traffic.  Our ezVOLTz™ mobile application provides visibility and turn-by-turn navigation to all CPOs nationwide. Our cloud-based commercial fleet management platform provides capacity management, charging scheduling, dynamic load adaptation and sharing and end-to-end user cost management. Our solution is currently managing more than 1850 charging stations at 700+ locations in more than 30 countries.

Consumer Charge Point Operators

Amptium’s ezVOLTz offering for Consumer Charge Point Operators is a co-brandable EV Charging Monetization and Management platform that enables organizations and enterprises to accelerate and participate in the EV Charging Revolution. Most players in the industry today are hardware-centric islands with their own proprietary application to manage their charging infrastructure. ezVOLTz provides an open standards-based Cloud Resident Management platform for organizations to manage and monetize their own charging infrastructure.

We work with all standards-based charging station vendors providing a hardware agnostic best of breed approach. Our back end charging management and billing solution is currently in place in over 30 customer networks globally in 14 Countries, managing more than 1850 charging stations at 700+ locations.

EV Fleet Operators

Our Enterprise Fleet Management offering provides an advanced, Cloud-based management solution that enables an Enterprise to manage and optimize their scarce end-to-end EV Fleet Charging Resources. Our EV Charging Capacity Management and Scheduling, Dynamic Load Adaptation and Sharing, Multi-location Management and end-to-end user cost-management provides capabilities to Enterprises and Governments that are far superior to any on the market today.

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