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About Us

AMPtium is building the world’s first EV charging network of networks, a Chargepoint agnostic charging platform, branded ezVOLTz™, that will address the #1 concern for all EV drivers in both the Consumer and Enterprise markets – Range Anxiety. Every EV driver’s biggest fear is that they will be out on the road and unable to find a charging resource. With our route planner and depth of charging outlets, the ezVOLTz™app will put that concern to rest for good.

What We Believe

We envision a near-future where EV charging is available on every corner and EVs can go anywhere and everywhere. That’s the ezVOLTz app. EV drivers utilize a ubiquitous payment system that works with every EV charging station. Our fleet and government management system powers smart fleet growth to successfully convert from carbon-based vehicles to EV.  Our platform enables the acceleration of EV adoption, resulting in a much reduced carbon footprint, limited fossil fuel residue and harmful gas released back into the environment. We call this True EV Freedom™…

The leadership team has a successful track record of building, running, and exiting highly successful companies over their careers. They share a clear and compelling vision for AMPtium’s future as an EV Charging as a Service (EVCaaS) company, with the ezVOLTz™ Charging Management and Monetization solution as a core offering.

Leadership Team

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